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Joanna StaniszkisJoanna Staniszkis is a Canadian textile artist whose commissioned works hang in prominent buildings around the world. She has exhibited throughout Europe and North America. Joanna draws on a number of significant experiences: education at the Fine Arts Academy in her native Poland, studies at the School of the Chicago Art Institute and extensive study travels in search of textiles for her study collection.

Joanna has over 30 years of teaching experience at the University of British Columbia as an Associate Professor in Design and Textile Design. Her work is known for inventive, original techniques and unconventional use of materials as well as cross-cultural references. In the last few years, Ms. Staniszkis has returned to intensive experiments with the use of natural dyes, this time on linen cloth. The Linen Project is a creative exploration of flax cloth and photographic images of cloth and fibres. This is the first in the series of similar projects. The Silk Project will be her next major undertaking.

Fine Arts Academy, Warsaw, Poland, 1962-64
Universidad Catolica, Lima, Peru, Summer 1965
Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, USA, 1964-67
Graduated, Honours in Interior Design and Textile Design

University of British Columbia, Associate Professor of Design, Landscape Architecture Program, UBC. Previously Associate Professor of Design and Textile Design 1969-2001 School of Family and Nutritional Sciences.
Fall 2005----Professor Emerita Landscape arch. Program, UBC

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