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Artist Biography Grants/Awards Solo/Group Exhibitions Architectural Commissions Reviews
Canadian Embassy,Warsaw, Poland, 2002
Scotia Dance Centre, Vancouver, 2001
Terminal City Club, Vancouver, 1998
The Loewen Group, Inc., Burnaby, BC, 1995
Delta Municipal Hall, Delta, BC, 1994
British Columbia Automobile Association, Burnaby, BC, 1992
Mississauga Hospital, Ontario, 1991
Providence Center, Toronto, 1990
College of Dental Surgeons, Vancouver, 1989
Citibank Tower, Phoenix, Arizona, 1989
Economic Summit, Toronto Convention Center, 1987
Commonwealth Tapestry, Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, 1987
Lloyd’s Bank, Vancouver, 1987
Health Protection Branch, Burnaby, BC, 1986
C.C. Agency, Vancouver, 1985
Toronto-Dominion Bank, Toronto, 1985
Grosvenor International, Vancouver, 1984
St. Matthias Anglican Church, Vancouver, 1984
Park Place, Daon Corporation, Vancouver, 1984
Athabaska University, Athabaska, Alberta, 1983/84
School of Family and Nutritional Sciences, UBC, 1983
Vancouver Children’s Hospital, Vancouver, 1982
Canadian Industries Ltd., Toronto, 1981
Tricentral Oil Co., Calgary, Alberta, 1981
Federal Government Building, Calgary, Alberta, 1981
Daon Development Corporation, Vancouver, 1980
St. Bernadette Church, Surrey, BC, 1978
Canadian Pacific, London, England, 1978
Mercantile Bank of Canada, Vancouver, 1977, Los Angeles, 179, Calgary, 1984
Alberta Gas Trunk Line, Calgary, Alberta, 1977
Toronto Star Building, Toronto, 1976
Yukon Territorial Building, Whitehorse, Yukon, 1976
Sunnybrook Hospital Veterans Wing, Toronto, 1975
Plaza International Hotel, Vancouver, 1975
Laurel Medical Building, Vancouver, 1975
Bank of Montreal, Bentall III, Vancouver, 1973
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Memorial Chapel, Toronto, 1973

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