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The Silk Project is the second part of my intended in-depth exploration of the textile materials which,as an artist, I have been working for many years in the context of tapestry weaving. Since the time when tapestry weaving was my main mode of expression, I have moved into exploration of other textile techniques. Natural fibres, however, have always been my material of choice.

I feel that now, at a different stage of my professional development, I want to use these materials as metaphors of greater issues which take me back to my roots, my stay in France and also my keen interest in the Orient. Through my Linen Project, I have explored my Eastern European background, with linen acting as a direct connection between my past and my second home here in the natural beauty of British Columbia. In the Silk Project I am looking at the natural miracle inherent in the production of silk: the finest, most elegant of fibres produced naturally by the silk worm. I am addressing the concept of transformation-metamorphosis as it is exemplified by the silk creation process. I am growing mulberry trees in my greenhouse for a steady supply of leaves for the hungry silk worms. When the time comes to spin the silk, the worms will become participants of a creative, active installation.They will be housed in unique, structures which will be far from traditional.
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