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In February 2003 I took a trip to the India’s forgotten state of Orissa. There, I was introduced to the world of wild silk.

The cocoons of wild silk are large, varying in colour from beige to brown. The secret rituals associated with silk production in Orrissa’s tribal villages are unusual and mysterious.

During a visit to a silk coop, I purchased a few cocoons.Upon arrival home, I placed the cocoons on the coffee table in the living room as exotic, egg shaped ornaments. Two weeks later a shocking site presented itself: the cocoons had hatched and enormous, brown moths were at large in my house. After a frenzied search I located the moths and placed them in a bird cage. While in the cage, the moths deposited hundreds of small grain size eggs.

This unplanned experience has played a pivotal role in stimulating my desire to immediately immerse myself in the SILK PROJECT.
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